All of us would have a separate and unique opinion about every topic but regardless of these million conflicts, one thing all of us can agree upon is the fact that there is no better combination than BLACK AND WHITE.

The two shades are so conflicting yet always together. It’s as if they are bound together even when they are not meant to.

They are an archetype of the fact “Opposites attract”.

Usually black is associated with sorrow, grief, distress and agony on the contrary white is always for serenity, tranquility and calmness.

Is this the characteristic nature of the color, was the color also bound to a set of rules as soon as they were born on the basis of their type just like the humans?

Apart from the extremist black’s and white’s we have so much more to the world. Let’s all take a moment and categorize ourselves into the black and white categories.

Doesn’t this seem a little impractical?

Don’t we find ourselves somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the Grey category?

We do agree that we have some inadequacies and some assets, a little white and a little black.

Every person has a different proportion of the two. That is where the shades of grey come from.

Nothing in the world is simply right or wrong. There is field beyond that. One might be good at her job but might fail to spare time for her family.

One might hurt someone too much but as a promise she needs to keep to someone else.

There is a huge world out there which is not JUST black or white. We all live in the gray areas that people can’t define.

The shades of grey that we fail to acknowledge.

We must accept that in this world, good and bad coexist side by side in every heart and while a person may do wrong things,there is ample good in every person and that is what we need to look at.

We recently thought about people keep saying that it’s a black and white world but fail to realize how life is nothing but a stroke of gray paint on a white canvas.

We made an attempt to deliver this message by introducing the #monochrome challenge. It was easy and it’s still going on even though for us, it’s time to move on to something different.

It was a HUGE success on Instagram and over 300 people participated in it and we’re glad that it made a difference.

Our monochroming lookbook is up on our Facebook page and be sure to check it out as soon as possible for it covers almost ALL styles of monochrome.




So thank you for the support and special hugs to everybody who took the monochrome challenge and was a part of it!

That’s it for today but up until next time,

Don’t stop knocking.


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