This post might strike you as biased if you’re not Hindu or if you’re mom is not religious. Well that’s a little hilarious because it’s very rare that I meet mothers who practice Hinduism and still aren’t religious about God. My mom is one of those who start their morning with a visit to the temple that too after she has taken a bath. {I, on the contrary, am one of those who have no problem having breakfast without taking a bath.}

Now because of my mom being like that I have had a childhood where I used to categorize months with their festivals.

Like you know 1 st day of the year meant donations at Bangla Sahab Gurudwara{The only reason I  tolerated this ritual for so many years is because their kada prashad was one of the best Indian desserts I ever had. Still is.}

March meant Holi and Gulaal and obviously Ghujiya and for those who like their drinks, BHANG.

Then April meant Baisakhi and free holidays here and there with good weather and then May June and July meant nothing but Chilled Bantas. {Have you noticed how expensive Nimbu-Lemons have gotten?! I mean, I remember a time I used to pay 10 bucks for them, now I have even paid 50 bucks to a stupid street vendor and I’m a great bargainer!}

Then obviously, August or September was always related to Janmashtmi and mother dear used to take me to so many temples but as long as I had ice cream afterwards, I was okay with it.

Now, I HATED October for stupid Navraatres and the stupid onion garlic rule because I LIKE SPICY FOOD.

Back then, I wasn’t much of a chicken person but even then every Dussehra meant chicken, chicken, and lots of mutton.

Okay point is, I categorized months according to festivals and then my I categorized festivals with food.

Now when I said I wasn’t much of a chicken person back then, it ALMOST killed me to type that because I have missed out on so many meals. {Yes, vegetarian food doesn’t count as a meal}

So now, every Tuesday and Thursday, my mother and I fight. We argue and we fight because I can’t go even ONE day without chicken.

Honestly, I think it has something to do with the rebel in me because I’ve always inclined towards doing exactly those things which I was told not to do.

My point is that for 4 months, my mother and I fought like crazy people until I finally thought of a solution because she won’t budge when it comes to God.Because I’m crazy about food, I thought that I could make a list of vegetarian food that I can bear, or in other words, I made a list of good vegetarian snacks and restaurants which I can use on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Now because I and CHICKEN are inseparable, I still don’t follow Thursdays but because my mom and I are also inseparable, I thought I can give her Tuesdays.

Now, to sum this post I have introduced this hashtag on Instagram,


We plan on posting one name that I, along with my babies who run this blog, shortlisted which includes vegetarian food you can try on Tuesdays and right hand to god, you will miss chicken, but you won’t miss it much. We Promise.

As it goes for fashion, we intend on posting Indian outfits, or indianized casuals so that you can go to those temples and walk without Sharma ji ki biwi giving you a deadly stare.

And when talking about travel, we’ll post about how Temples can be fun too sometimes. (DON’T forget to check out the posts that we have already posted on Instagram!)

SO that, ladies and gentlemen, are #TempleTuesdays💜

19532531_1060424234089918_2071517372_o Some posts are up already and for the next; all you need to do is wait for Tuesday. 😉

So, COME ON, Knock!


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