The BOHO in you

The world of bloggers is different and unique.

Nobody treats their fellow bloggers as competition. Instead, it’s a place of admiration, inspiration and knowledge.

It’s not a place for envy. Instead, it’s a place for love.

This post is about mine, ours, and a lot of people’s favortie fashion blogger, KRITIKA KHURANA with  her instagram handle or her identity as @thatbohogirl.

Ever since I was little, I have never been the running-for-autographs or putting-up-posters-on-my-wall kind of fan. Be it my favorite hero, or my favortie show, I have never been THAT kind of a fan even though I’ve had my share of favorites. When I was new to instagram, one day while I was scrolling my newsfeed, I came across Kritika’s account.

She didn’t have as many posts back then and I ended up stalking her for 2 hours. I saw every picture, read every caption and that very minute when I put my phone down, I knew she was my FAVORITE fashion blogger.

I follow more than 15 fashion bloggers from my personal account on instagram and nobody does it like Kritika. When I hear her talking in her videos, I WANT to stay on that page and it’s only because she’s probably the only one who doesn’t treat blogging as a job.

Fashion is not a duty to her, it’s not a daily chore. For Kritika, fashion is her room. It’s her bed. Her first lip gloss she bought when she was 12. Her first high heels. For thatbohogirl, Fashion is her home.

I’ve stalked her blog so much that I know how much she works and how much hard work she puts into her blog. Her blog is not even something she owns anymore. To her, her blog is her diary where she shares her experiences.

As a fashion blogger,she’s AWESOME at her job. The way she uses ethnic and combines it with casual wear is something I have been trying to learn for so long. Her love for jhumkas, chandbalis and embroidery is one of the MAJOR reasons I love her.

The best thing about her is that she knows how to pull of ALL of it.

On Mondays, she’s the college girl with a small bagpack and a lot of essesntials to fit into. On Tuesdays, she’s that 21 year old whose cousin is getting married and needs to decide what to wear while keeping a budget in mind.

On Wednesdays, she’s a regular girl who needs to go out on a date and can’t decide what to wear. On Thursdays, she’s just like the rest of us who has a pimple and is not willing to go out.  On Fridays, she’s the tired blogger who needs to sit at home and get a foot massage.

On most days, she’s you. She’s me. And every other girl who follows her and knows that #boho is a religion. I haven’t ever gone to one of those meetups that she does because I’m not one of those people who stalk her for ideas on what to wear. Kritika is someone I look up to.  She has a lot of things none of the other fashion bloggers do. She’s herself. She feels comfortable in her own skin and she’s not afraid to post what she has to say. Kritka Khurana is my favorite fashion blogger. Happy birthday, girl. I hope to see you smiling in your favorite lipstick forever.

You’re me. You’re you. And you’re the rest of us.

Not that you need it but her Instagram handle is @thatbohogirl and her website link is


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