Delhi, मेरी जान।

Delhi is the heart of the nation we take so much pride in calling ours.

I, for one, love Delhi unapologetically.

I overlook the crowd thinking of how lovely it is running into someone randomly. I overlook the pollution thinking of how development has a downside. I let go of the car accidents and the traffic thinking of how lovely a Murthal ride for the famous paranthas are.

Yes, I love Delhi despite all it’s flaws.

If you don’t, I insist you to follow this blog.This is not a fashion blog, this is not a food blog. It’s not even a lifestyle blog.

I don’t intend to share with you pictures of food, I don’t want to post pictures of myself wearing western outfits with jhumkas. I don’t intend to write reviews on pretty places just to get the 10% discount.

I’m here to share memories.

Places aren’t pretty unless you have people to fill the empty chairs. Food isn’t as scrumptious as long as you don’t have someone to share it with. (WHO AM I KIDDING?) Clothes are of NO use unless you have an event you can wear them to.

So NO. This is not a blog trying to run alongside 1000 more fashion blogs and the 5000 more food blogs that already exist. This is a place where many voices will be heard. This is a place where Delhi will be loved. This is place where food will be shared.

But above all, this is a place where Delhi won’t be discovered, it will be remembered. 


Every post of this blog is a door. Every door will take you to a new place. Now remember, just because you’ve visited a place doesn’t mean that you’ve been there.

SO stop reading and come on, Knock.

Here’s what we have for you today. Check out this link for 10 quotes that will hit you so hard, the Delhite in you will cry.

SO that’s all for today. Keep knocking.💜


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