All of us would have a separate and unique opinion about every topic but regardless of these million conflicts, one thing all of us can agree upon is the fact that there is no better combination than BLACK AND WHITE.

The two shades are so conflicting yet always together. It’s as if they are bound together even when they are not meant to.

They are an archetype of the fact “Opposites attract”.

Usually black is associated with sorrow, grief, distress and agony on the contrary white is always for serenity, tranquility and calmness.

Is this the characteristic nature of the color, was the color also bound to a set of rules as soon as they were born on the basis of their type just like the humans?

Apart from the extremist black’s and white’s we have so much more to the world. Let’s all take a moment and categorize ourselves into the black and white categories.

Doesn’t this seem a little impractical?

Don’t we find ourselves somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the Grey category?

We do agree that we have some inadequacies and some assets, a little white and a little black.

Every person has a different proportion of the two. That is where the shades of grey come from.

Nothing in the world is simply right or wrong. There is field beyond that. One might be good at her job but might fail to spare time for her family.

One might hurt someone too much but as a promise she needs to keep to someone else.

There is a huge world out there which is not JUST black or white. We all live in the gray areas that people can’t define.

The shades of grey that we fail to acknowledge.

We must accept that in this world, good and bad coexist side by side in every heart and while a person may do wrong things,there is ample good in every person and that is what we need to look at.

We recently thought about people keep saying that it’s a black and white world but fail to realize how life is nothing but a stroke of gray paint on a white canvas.

We made an attempt to deliver this message by introducing the #monochrome challenge. It was easy and it’s still going on even though for us, it’s time to move on to something different.

It was a HUGE success on Instagram and over 300 people participated in it and we’re glad that it made a difference.

Our monochroming lookbook is up on our Facebook page and be sure to check it out as soon as possible for it covers almost ALL styles of monochrome.




So thank you for the support and special hugs to everybody who took the monochrome challenge and was a part of it!

That’s it for today but up until next time,

Don’t stop knocking.



This post might strike you as biased if you’re not Hindu or if you’re mom is not religious. Well that’s a little hilarious because it’s very rare that I meet mothers who practice Hinduism and still aren’t religious about God. My mom is one of those who start their morning with a visit to the temple that too after she has taken a bath. {I, on the contrary, am one of those who have no problem having breakfast without taking a bath.}

Now because of my mom being like that I have had a childhood where I used to categorize months with their festivals.

Like you know 1 st day of the year meant donations at Bangla Sahab Gurudwara{The only reason I  tolerated this ritual for so many years is because their kada prashad was one of the best Indian desserts I ever had. Still is.}

March meant Holi and Gulaal and obviously Ghujiya and for those who like their drinks, BHANG.

Then April meant Baisakhi and free holidays here and there with good weather and then May June and July meant nothing but Chilled Bantas. {Have you noticed how expensive Nimbu-Lemons have gotten?! I mean, I remember a time I used to pay 10 bucks for them, now I have even paid 50 bucks to a stupid street vendor and I’m a great bargainer!}

Then obviously, August or September was always related to Janmashtmi and mother dear used to take me to so many temples but as long as I had ice cream afterwards, I was okay with it.

Now, I HATED October for stupid Navraatres and the stupid onion garlic rule because I LIKE SPICY FOOD.

Back then, I wasn’t much of a chicken person but even then every Dussehra meant chicken, chicken, and lots of mutton.

Okay point is, I categorized months according to festivals and then my I categorized festivals with food.

Now when I said I wasn’t much of a chicken person back then, it ALMOST killed me to type that because I have missed out on so many meals. {Yes, vegetarian food doesn’t count as a meal}

So now, every Tuesday and Thursday, my mother and I fight. We argue and we fight because I can’t go even ONE day without chicken.

Honestly, I think it has something to do with the rebel in me because I’ve always inclined towards doing exactly those things which I was told not to do.

My point is that for 4 months, my mother and I fought like crazy people until I finally thought of a solution because she won’t budge when it comes to God.Because I’m crazy about food, I thought that I could make a list of vegetarian food that I can bear, or in other words, I made a list of good vegetarian snacks and restaurants which I can use on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Now because I and CHICKEN are inseparable, I still don’t follow Thursdays but because my mom and I are also inseparable, I thought I can give her Tuesdays.

Now, to sum this post I have introduced this hashtag on Instagram,


We plan on posting one name that I, along with my babies who run this blog, shortlisted which includes vegetarian food you can try on Tuesdays and right hand to god, you will miss chicken, but you won’t miss it much. We Promise.

As it goes for fashion, we intend on posting Indian outfits, or indianized casuals so that you can go to those temples and walk without Sharma ji ki biwi giving you a deadly stare.

And when talking about travel, we’ll post about how Temples can be fun too sometimes. (DON’T forget to check out the posts that we have already posted on Instagram!)

SO that, ladies and gentlemen, are #TempleTuesdays💜

19532531_1060424234089918_2071517372_o Some posts are up already and for the next; all you need to do is wait for Tuesday. 😉

So, COME ON, Knock!

The BOHO in you

The world of bloggers is different and unique.

Nobody treats their fellow bloggers as competition. Instead, it’s a place of admiration, inspiration and knowledge.

It’s not a place for envy. Instead, it’s a place for love.

This post is about mine, ours, and a lot of people’s favortie fashion blogger, KRITIKA KHURANA with  her instagram handle or her identity as @thatbohogirl.

Ever since I was little, I have never been the running-for-autographs or putting-up-posters-on-my-wall kind of fan. Be it my favorite hero, or my favortie show, I have never been THAT kind of a fan even though I’ve had my share of favorites. When I was new to instagram, one day while I was scrolling my newsfeed, I came across Kritika’s account.

She didn’t have as many posts back then and I ended up stalking her for 2 hours. I saw every picture, read every caption and that very minute when I put my phone down, I knew she was my FAVORITE fashion blogger.

I follow more than 15 fashion bloggers from my personal account on instagram and nobody does it like Kritika. When I hear her talking in her videos, I WANT to stay on that page and it’s only because she’s probably the only one who doesn’t treat blogging as a job.

Fashion is not a duty to her, it’s not a daily chore. For Kritika, fashion is her room. It’s her bed. Her first lip gloss she bought when she was 12. Her first high heels. For thatbohogirl, Fashion is her home.

I’ve stalked her blog so much that I know how much she works and how much hard work she puts into her blog. Her blog is not even something she owns anymore. To her, her blog is her diary where she shares her experiences.

As a fashion blogger,she’s AWESOME at her job. The way she uses ethnic and combines it with casual wear is something I have been trying to learn for so long. Her love for jhumkas, chandbalis and embroidery is one of the MAJOR reasons I love her.

The best thing about her is that she knows how to pull of ALL of it.

On Mondays, she’s the college girl with a small bagpack and a lot of essesntials to fit into. On Tuesdays, she’s that 21 year old whose cousin is getting married and needs to decide what to wear while keeping a budget in mind.

On Wednesdays, she’s a regular girl who needs to go out on a date and can’t decide what to wear. On Thursdays, she’s just like the rest of us who has a pimple and is not willing to go out.  On Fridays, she’s the tired blogger who needs to sit at home and get a foot massage.

On most days, she’s you. She’s me. And every other girl who follows her and knows that #boho is a religion. I haven’t ever gone to one of those meetups that she does because I’m not one of those people who stalk her for ideas on what to wear. Kritika is someone I look up to.  She has a lot of things none of the other fashion bloggers do. She’s herself. She feels comfortable in her own skin and she’s not afraid to post what she has to say. Kritka Khurana is my favorite fashion blogger. Happy birthday, girl. I hope to see you smiling in your favorite lipstick forever.

You’re me. You’re you. And you’re the rest of us.

Not that you need it but her Instagram handle is @thatbohogirl and her website link is http://www.thatbohogirl.com

Delhi, मेरी जान।

Delhi is the heart of the nation we take so much pride in calling ours.

I, for one, love Delhi unapologetically.

I overlook the crowd thinking of how lovely it is running into someone randomly. I overlook the pollution thinking of how development has a downside. I let go of the car accidents and the traffic thinking of how lovely a Murthal ride for the famous paranthas are.

Yes, I love Delhi despite all it’s flaws.

If you don’t, I insist you to follow this blog.This is not a fashion blog, this is not a food blog. It’s not even a lifestyle blog.

I don’t intend to share with you pictures of food, I don’t want to post pictures of myself wearing western outfits with jhumkas. I don’t intend to write reviews on pretty places just to get the 10% discount.

I’m here to share memories.

Places aren’t pretty unless you have people to fill the empty chairs. Food isn’t as scrumptious as long as you don’t have someone to share it with. (WHO AM I KIDDING?) Clothes are of NO use unless you have an event you can wear them to.

So NO. This is not a blog trying to run alongside 1000 more fashion blogs and the 5000 more food blogs that already exist. This is a place where many voices will be heard. This is a place where Delhi will be loved. This is place where food will be shared.

But above all, this is a place where Delhi won’t be discovered, it will be remembered. 


Every post of this blog is a door. Every door will take you to a new place. Now remember, just because you’ve visited a place doesn’t mean that you’ve been there.

SO stop reading and come on, Knock.

Here’s what we have for you today. Check out this link for 10 quotes that will hit you so hard, the Delhite in you will cry.


SO that’s all for today. Keep knocking.💜